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Cultivating Love on Valentine’s Day: Fresh Flowers and Plants for Him

On Valentine’s Day, expressing love with flowers and plants isn’t limited to one gender. Men, too, find joy in receiving these botanical presents, causing them to feel seen, appreciated, and loved. Fresh blooms can also help men become better communicators, strengthening their emotional connections. Plants and flowers also have a wide variety of benefits, including the potential to deepen his connection with the natural world. At Shirley’s Flower Studio in Bentonville, Arkansas, we are here to assist you in selecting the perfect present that will make his heart bloom with happiness.

Green Houseplants

Green plants are a particularly thoughtful Valentine’s Day present for the man you love, as they offer more than just visual appeal. Nurturing a plant gives a man the opportunity to show his caring side, tending to its nutritional, light, and water needs. Over the months and years, the plant reflects your relationship and his dedication to making it thrive. Plants are also known for their ample health benefits, such as anxiety reduction, enhanced happiness, and improved indoor air quality, making them a smart and savvy choice for your Valentine.


Maintaining a healthy and thriving relationship hinges on resilience, which lets both partners stand firm during tough times. Recognize his determination by presenting him with a succulent, a hearty plant that embodies strength and thrives in challenging environments. Succulents conveniently have low-maintenance care requirements, alleviating the effort needed to care for your Valentine’s Day gift. Displaying it on his work desk offers a perpetual reminder of you and your affection as he admires its sturdy greenery, symbolizing the lasting strength of your relationship.

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants have the outstanding quality of lasting for months or sometimes even years, extending the benefits of the gift long after you give it to him. Orchids, in particular, may rebloom if you care for them diligently — which isn’t challenging — serving as a reminder that enduring love can bloom repeatedly. Orchids also bring calm energy to his space, offering a tranquil escape from the hectic pace of work and household responsibilities. This gift demonstrates your genuine concern for his enduring well-being.

Bright Blooms

A bouquet of fresh blooms might catch some men by surprise, but the diverse selection of symbolism, blossoms, and colors allows for meaningful personalization. You could feature his favorite flower, select blooms with sentimental value from childhood, or simply choose an arrangement in his preferred color palette. With research indicating that 60% of men want flowers as a gift, let this Valentine’s Day be the occasion to fulfill his wish; it communicates your genuine love, affection, and appreciation.

Red Roses

Red roses are among the few with a timeless and universally cherished reputation, representing true romantic love. Their velveteen petals and pleasing aroma convey deep feelings of love and affection to those who receive a fresh arrangement. Thankfully, men also profoundly appreciate the beauty and symbolism of red roses, transcending gender distinctions. By selecting red roses for your significant other, you convey your desire to make this Valentine’s Day a celebration that honors your singular connection.

Surprising your significant other with succulents, plants, or flowers as a Valentine’s Day gift is a gesture that can positively impact his surroundings and well-being. The presence of these natural elements promotes a sense of tranquility and can elevate his mood. Let the expert team at Shirley’s Flower Studio assist you in selecting a botanical gift that embodies your love and care.

60% of men would love to receive blooms