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How to Make the Most of National Romance Month

Romance Awareness Day falls on August 14th, six months after Valentine’s Day. This is because creator Eileen Buchheim created the holiday in the spirit of celebrating Romance throughout the year. In fact, the entirety of August has been designated ”Romance Awareness Month.” It’s important to remember that romance doesn’t always stem from grand gestures and complicated surprises but can also be found in the little romance you bring into your everyday life. In that spirit, Shirley’s Flower Studio is honoring the little things and encouraging you to say I love you through romantic gestures like going dancing and enjoying flowers.

Ways to Celebrate Romance Month and Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

If you want to have a special Romance month with your significant other, speak their love language, from gifts and dates to little acts of affection. Dr. Gary Chapman offers insight into how to understand the five “love languages” better. The love languages are defined as acts of service, spending quality time, using physical touch, receiving gifts, and saying words of affirmation. Use these ideas to speak your partner’s love language for a special romance month.

Beautiful orchids, roses, and delphinium make you dream of a tropical place on a relaxing beach!
Love note

Leave Love Notes – Words of Affirmation

It’s nice to be reminded every now and then that you are loved and appreciated. Words of Affirmation are the perfect way to express exactly what you love about your partner. Use sticky notes or cards and let them know how special they are. They will love finding cute little love notes throughout their day or receiving sweet, loving texts while you are apart.

A couple looking to Geneva lake. Lavaux, Switzerland

Enjoy a Long Weekend Away – Quality Time

Taking the time to just get away for the weekend could be just what you and your partner need this Romance Month. Whether you spend time nursing a nice glass of champagne at sunset near the water or adventuring to new heights and gazing over a brilliant landscape with your significant other, this time should be about reconnecting and quieting the distractions from the tangle of everyday life. Turn your phones on “do not disturb” and enjoy some romantic quality time.

Young Beautiful Couple Enjoying Time Together in Crowd at a Rock Band Concert. Handsome Man and Pretty Woman are in Love at a Gig in Bright Colorful Strobing Lights on Stage.

Go Dancing – Physical Touch

The art of dance is a universal way to express yourself! Dancing with a partner can be a romantic expression of your love for one another. So,, grab your significant other by the hand and lead them to the dance floor when you feel the mood strike. Any place can be your dancefloor, from the kitchen to the living room, or maybe you can go to an actual dance floor at a dinner or a live event.

A man gives a field of flowers to the woman. The girl is very happy. March 8

Send Flowers – Receiving Gifts

Did you know that flowers have a unique language that has a myriad of meanings and metaphors in the blooms, colors, and shapes? While the blooms in nature may not be conversing with one another, they certainly have inspiring meanings and symbolism that we can use to express feelings of encouragement and love. This Romance Month, send your significant other a bouquet with orchids, roses, carnations, daisies, sunflowers, larkspur, or violets. These stunning flowers have romantic symbolism for emotions like happiness, romance, beauty, attraction, and love.

Tackle the Chores Together – Acts of Service

Nothing is better than coming home tired and learning that your chores list isn’t as big as you thought. Help ease your partner’s stress and take some of their load on or lend a hand and tackle the chores together while listening to some tunes and enjoying each other’s company.

Romantic couple holding hands together over candlelight during romantic dinner

Plan a Weekly Dinner Date – All Five Love Languages

Even if you can’t pinpoint your partner’s love language, reserving one day a week during the month of August to take them out to dinner or cook their favorite homemade meal is sure to cover all of the bases. A flower bouquet doubles as a stunning centerpiece and gift for your sweetheart. Talk about what you find attractive and what you love about them. Discuss future plans like upcoming vacations or fun weekend activities. Tune out the rest of the world and hold hands while you spend a wonderfully romantic evening together.

Say “I love you” with flowers this August, during Romance Month. From a beautiful dinner surprise bouquet to a personalized arrangement accompanied by a note, flowers will always keep the romance alive. Say “I love you” beautifully when words escape you with a bouquet of blooms from Shirley’s Flower Studio.