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How to Send Flowers to a Loved One in the Hospital

Beautiful green orchids,orange and yellow roses, and vibrant red and bluedelphinium make you dream of a tropical place on a relaxing beach!

Orchid Dream

Few things are more effective at lifting someone’s spirits than a colorful and cheery floral bouquet, particularly if they are recouping from an injury or illness. Flowers are bright, fragrant, fresh, and pretty and are terrific at revitalizing a drab hospital room and someone’s mood. In fact, it’s been studied and proven that people who get fresh flowers are happier and stay happier longer than when they receive non-floral gifts. The power of flowers is truly amazing!

Before looking at flowers to send someone who could use a pick-me-up in the hospital,  there are several factors to keep in mind first. Luckily, the floral experts at Shirley’s Flowers have a lot of experience delivering flowers to hospitals and gladly share their knowledge with you below.

A Few Pointers for Sending Flowers to the Someone in the Hospital

  1. Make ‘em colorful and bright! Brilliant, multicolored flowers bring vivid colors into a space and radiate joy and happiness for all to absorb.
  2. Go for long-lasting blooms. Flowers such as dahlias, peonies, mums, lilies, and zinnias have exceptionally long vase lives. Consult with your florist for even more long-lasting flowers if you’re looking for something specific.
  3. Skip overly large arrangements. Although striking and definitely appreciated, large flower arrangements with an abundance of flowers are better left for sending to the home rather than to the hospital. Since the rooms are fairly small, large items may get in the way of doctors and nurses trying to do their jobs. Plus, conservatively-sized flower bouquets are easier to carry home.
  4. Choose blooms that are hypoallergenic. More people than you realize are likely to go in and out of your recipient’s hospital room, which increases the chances of pollen-producing florals triggering someone’s allergies. Play it safe and select only hypoallergenic flowers to send to the hospital. Good choices include peonies, carnations, daffodils, hydrangeas, and orchids.
  5. Choose a sturdy container. In tight quarters, it’s easy for items to get knocked off tables and dressers. For this reason, avoid glass and ceramic containers and choose plastic, metal, or wicker ones instead.

Pick Meaningful Flowers to Send

Flowers have their own language which helps you convey a particular message and sentiment. Tailor your message to avoid confusion or unintended feelings by learning the symbolism of a few popular flowers.

  • Asiatic Lily: The bright and beautiful Asiatic lily symbolizes life, new beginnings, and good luck.
  • Chrysanthemums: Individually-colored mums have their own specific meaning, but the overall general symbolism of the chrysanthemum is optimism, long life, and joy.
  • Daffodils: This lovely star-shaped bloom symbolizes resilience, strength, and new beginnings.
  • Heather: With fragrant, blue blooms, heather is a pleasing flower, especially because it symbolizes good luck and protection.
  • Hydrangeas: Long-lasting and gorgeous, hydrangeas represent perseverance, which is perfect for a person who is recovering.
  • Iris: Growing in a wide range of bright colors, iris translates to “rainbow” in Greek and is a symbol of good news.
  • Pansies: Delicate, dainty, and pretty, the pansy symbolizes loving thoughts.
  • Peonies: A popular flower in weddings, peonies signify healing, good health, and a joyful life
  • Yellow Tulips: Classy and elegant, yellow tulips symbolize cheer, sunshine, hope.

Once you’ve selected a beautiful get-well bouquet, give the florist the recipient’s full name and the name and address of the hospital they are in. We deliver to the area’s hospitals and can help you with ensuring proper and timely delivery. At Shirley’s Flowers, we use only the freshest, highest-quality flowers to create gorgeous arrangements. Contact us about sending flowers to someone you care about and know you’ll be brightening their day.

For sample Get Well messages to include with your flowers, or tips on how to write the perfect Get Well message, visit our Card Messaging page.