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Posted by Shirleys Flowers on October 24, 2021 | Last Updated: October 27, 2021 Uncategorized

The Many Healthy Perks of Having Plants & Flowers in the Home

Houseplants and fresh flowers do more than enhance your home’s style, research shows having living plants and flowers in your home provide a myriad of health benefits, too. From elevating your mood to cleaning the air, lowering stress, increasing energy, and enhancing memory, surrounding yourself with nature may be the best medicine of all. The floral experts at Shirley’s Flowers are sharing the top benefits you receive from being around fresh flowers and plants.

9 Perks of Houseplants & Flowers in Your Home

Flowers Evoke Feelings of Happiness

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t smile upon receiving flowers. It’s just a natural instinct we have upon seeing their delicate beauty. Research has also shown that a gift of flowers keeps our smile around longer than other gifts do, and that flowers make people happier, promote feelings of kindness, and increase energy. Furthermore, research revealed that flowers produce immediate feelings of happiness and delight, cause long-term mood-boosting effects, and lower feelings of anxiety, depression, and agitation. Talk about the perfect gift! Flowers are a gift that keep on giving and will always be a hit with the recipient.

Flowers Lower Stress

We know looking at flowers makes us smile, but the lovely scent of florals makes us relax and less anxious, too. Breathing in the delightful fragrance of flowers produced an immediate relaxing and stress-reducing effect. Flowers induce tranquility and calm. Women, in particular, had a statistically significant reduction in stress levels from being around flowers.

Plants Improve Memory & Concentration

Studies reveal performing tasks and projects while surrounded by the peaceful and relaxing influence of nature yields better results. Thriving green plants in the workplace or home increase memory and concentration. Research also shows work completed in areas with fresh greenery is often of higher quality and more accurate than work performed in an environment devoid of greenery.

Plants & Flowers Enhance Learning in Kids

Children who have fresh, living plants and flowers in their learning space typically have heightened learning capabilities. Simply by being around nature helps children focus and concentrate, making it easier for them to absorb and retain new information. Also, children with Attention Deficit Disorder experience the same benefits when learning in an environment with plants and flowers.

Plants & Flowers Boost Productivity

Enjoy the benefits of having a vase of flowers or a green plant in your workspace which increases productivity, vitality, and levels of energy making you a better worker. Plants and flowers are also known to stimulate innovation and creativity.

Flowers Help the Day Start on a High Note

Place a vase of beautiful fresh flowers in a place where you’ll see it before you leave your home. Flowers have the ability to jumpstart your positive mood – which can last all day long.

Plants & Flowers Improve Relationships

People who spend a lot of time around plants tend to have increased feelings of compassion and empathy for others and are more likely to help and connect with their fellow humans. Another “green” benefit of having plants in your home or office is that they can improve relationships between people.

Plants and Flowers Boost Emotional Health

Research conducted at Rutgers disovered flowers produce happy emotions and increase feelings of overall life satisfaction far beyond what was initially believed. In an article in Psychology Today, Dr. Jonathan S. Kaplan suggests plants and flowers reduce stress due to the distraction from life and improvement in air quality they provide. Even the pleasant fragrance of flowers can reduce stress.

Flowers Enhance the Well-Being of Seniors

Flowers improve common age-related concerns by lowering depression, encouraging contact with friends and family, and slowing memory loss among the elderly. Flowers make people happy and happy people live healthier and longer lives.

The science is in! There’s no doubt a prescription from Mother Nature via incorporating fresh flowers and plants into our lives does a world of good for us. We can’t think of a more natural way to reduce anxiety, lower stress, enhance our health, boost our spirits, and increase our energy than by simply surrounding ourselves with gorgeous plants and flowers.

Local flower shops like Shirley’s are uniquely qualified to deliver the freshest, and highest quality flowers and plants to help you live your best and happiest life. Enhance your home and your life with gorgeous flowers.