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Standout Gifts for Dads That Shine This Father’s Day

The aroma of barbecue fills the air, graduation caps have been tossed high, and the sun seems to pause in the sky — yep, it’s June! But there’s a hero of the month not to be forgotten on one special day: Father’s Day! It’s your chance to go big for those father figures who 100 percent mean the world to you. But if you’re struggling to find a gift that says “you’re amazing,” stress less; Shirley’s Flower Studio in Bentonville, Arkansas has a bunch of brilliant gift ideas that’ll leave every dad, grandpa, or uncle feeling super celebrated and cherished.

Plants For the Plant Dad (Of Course!)

Got a plant dad in your life? Then you know he’s the type to get blissed out in his leafy oasis, favoring the rustle of leaves over the bustle of nightlife. This dad legit have a magical touch, turning even high-maintenance plants into bougie-looking beauties. His plant family is always growing, much like his love for all things green. This Father’s Day, it’s a no-brainer — gift him a plant that’ll earn a cherished spot in his ever-growing collection.

Something Sweet For the Fishing Dad

Dragging himself out of bed for work is a chore he’d rather skip (who wouldn’t?), but when it’s fishing day, he’s eagerly up at the crack of dawn, no gripes. That’s the fishing dad for you, in his happy place with his pole in tow, spending chill days on the water. Fishing gear? He’s got it all. So, for Father’s Day, surprise him with some gourmet munchies for his fishing trips or a candle that’ll help freshen up after those fish filleting sessions (IYKYK).

Gourmet Gifts for The Grill Dad

The BBQ is where it’s at for lots of dads — they just own that grill, cooking up a storm and loving every minute. So, for Father’s Day, treat him to a gift basket that’s all about elevating his grill game. Load it up with the best sauces, fancy seasonings, and wood chips that’ll take his BBQs to the next level! Throw in his beverage of choice when he’s playing pit master, and you’ve got a gift that’ll get him all fired up for his next BBQ.

Epic Stems For the Video Game Dad

Enjoying Animal Crossing’s chill settings, getting creative with The Sims, battling through Final Fantasy, or tackling old-school NES classics like Super Mario Bros — that’s how the gamer dad loves spending his time. But instead of picking up yet another game for Father’s Day, why not mix it up? Get a florist to assemble a bouquet that’s a nod to his fave gaming adventures. It’s a creative move that shows you’re on board with his passion, legit giving him joy IRL.

Quality Time For the Honorary Dad

Though not blood relatives, he’s woven into the tapestry of your life irreplaceably, making every shared experience special. Surprise him this Father’s Day with something truly memorable: a DIY flower design class! It presents a perfect chance to get closer, enjoy the simple beauty of fresh blooms, dive into a new pastime, cherish new and old memories alike, and convey thanks for all the roles he’s played in your life.

With Father’s Day around the bend, it’s time to think about how to make your dad or that dad-like hero in your life feel extra special. Is he into gardening, fishing, BBQing, or gaming? Whatever it is, snag him something from Shirley’s Flower Studio that says, “I get you, and I love you.” It’s a fun way to celebrate everything that makes him the great dad he is.

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