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Tips, Decor, & Flowers for Book-Themed Baby Showers

Hosting a baby shower with a storybook theme makes for a fun, whimsical event and an unforgettable experience. After all, who doesn’t have a soft spot for their favorite childhood book? The images alone probably filled your head with wild creatures and fantastic adventures. Finding color themes and decor items for storybook-themed baby showers is easy with tips and advice from the experts at Shirley’s Flower Studio. We love being a part of big life moments such as this, and with our below suggestions and flower choices, you will knock any baby shower you host out of the park. Even if it’s a bare-bones event, beautiful flowers are all you need for a successful baby shower. Babies and beautiful fresh blooms go hand in hand. Keep reading to discover which flowers will work best with your storybook occasion.

The Best Flowers & Decor for Your Storybook Baby Shower

Where the Wild Things Are

Go “wild” decorating your baby shower venue with scenery from the one-of-kind artwork found in Where the Wild Things Are. Start with recreating the “forest that grew and grew” with lush greenery used as table runners, centerpieces, or accents on walls. Bring in several lush plants to complete the forest look. Complete the look with floral arrangements that have big, bold blooms in bright colors surrounded by lots of greenery. Even small containers of succulents on the tables will fit perfectly with this theme and can be taken home as party favors. Creative and wild, this will be a baby shower one won’t soon forget.

The Rainbow Fish

The rich, deep, and gorgeous colors in the pages of The Rainbow Fish make for a stunning color scheme for your baby shower. Mimic the dark blue, green, pink, and purple colors by having fresh-cut blooms in the same rich tones. Good selections are dark pink roses, blue larkspur, purple irises, and green bells of Ireland. Use these same colors as icing on cupcakes and put images of this colorful fish on the walls. Most of all, include silver sprinkles wherever you can – on the tablecloth, bakery goods, or silver vases for the colorful flowers. Such a gorgeous color palette will create great photos and a lively baby shower.

Goodnight Moon

A true classic, Goodnight Moon is a popular children’s story many adults love. For decor, simply match the bright red, yellow, and green used in the book. Add images such as a moon and stars, green and white striped napkins or table cloth, a stuffed bunny in blue and white pajamas, and one red balloon. To complete this theme, add flowers in bright colors such as yellow daisies or roses, red tulips or poppies, and green hydrangea, mums, or leaves.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The wonderful artwork in the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar can easily be matched by a variety of florals for your baby shower. As the caterpillar’s body resembles variegated leaves found on any number of plants, choose blooming plants or an arrangement with red and yellow flowers surrounded by lots of greenery. For your food selection, take a cue straight from the book and include items such as apples, plums, strawberries, oranges, watermelon, chocolate cake, lollipops, and cupcakes.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a fun family book with a cute mouse and a yummy chocolate chip cookie. Easily replicate this theme with decor that has soft green, blue, and yellow colors. The flower arrangement you include should be in these colors as well. Treats should, of course, include cookies and milk, and other decor items can be yellow straws for the milk, a little bed with pillows and blankets, a hand-drawn picture of the mouse’s family, and crayons.

Books and fresh flowers are a winning combination for any baby shower. Just as the new bundle of joy is unique, precious, and beautiful, so too are flowers. For new baby flowers or fresh blooms for any occasion, check out gorgeous seasonal arrangements at Shirley’s Flower Studio.