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Old Glory's colors reflected in red, white and blue blooms.

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Patriotic arrangements make a statement on Independence Day and are appropriate for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and other patriotic holidays. Send a red, white, and blue bouquet to a veteran today. Same-day delivery from Shirley's Flower Studio is available to Rogers, Bentonville, and surrounding cities. 

Sending Patriotic Flowers from Shirley's Flower Studio in Rogers, AR, is a meaningful way to express national pride and honor the values that define the United States. Whether for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, the Fourth of July, or to support a military family, patriotic flowers symbolize respect, gratitude, and unity. Shirley's Flower Studio, known for its exceptional quality and creative arrangements, offers a variety of patriotic floral designs that beautifully convey these sentiments.

Choosing to send patriotic flowers from Shirley’s involves selecting arrangements featuring the American flag's red, white, and blue. These colors are rich in symbolism: red for courage and bravery, white for purity and innocence, and blue for vigilance, perseverance, and justice. Shirley’s Flower Studio expertly combines these colors into bouquets, wreaths, and centerpieces that are visually stunning and deeply meaningful. Moreover, sending patriotic flowers from Shirley’s Flower Studio is a powerful way to connect with community events, celebrate national holidays, or comfort those who have lost loved ones in service. It’s a gesture that goes beyond mere decoration, serving as a tribute to the spirit and sacrifice of the American people. Whether displayed at a gravesite, a home, or a public gathering, these flowers from Shirley’s Flower Studio in Rogers, AR, help to foster a sense of national solidarity and pride.


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